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News Updates

Jacob de Souza
April 10, 2023
A canvassing seminar and practical exercise took place in Coleambally at the end of March.

Coleambally, Australia — On March 25-26, the brethren in Coleambally, New South Wales, held a special canvassing seminar organized by the Elim Health Store representatives, Brother Jacob and Sister Sandra de Souza. Brother Jacob is also the AUC Missionary Department Leader. 


Adrian Barnea
April 3, 2023
On March 25, Brother Adrian Barnea was ordained as elder. The ceremony took place in Montijo Church.

Montijo, Portugal—On the afternoon of March 25, 2023, in Montijo Church, Brother Adrian Gabriel Barnea was ordained as an Elder. Brother Barnea is the Portuguese Field’s Youth Department Director, as well as Director of the Filadélfia Missionary School. The ordination ceremony was officiated by the current president of the Portuguese Field, Brother Elvis Camargo, current field pastor, Hílton Castro, retired president of the field, Édson Meireles, and Pastor Catalin Barnea, Brother Adrian’s father.


Rayana Nakamura
April 3, 2023
On March 19, a humanitarian mission was held at the Isaac Newton School in Cachoeira, Paraná.

In 2020, a couple of young women in Southern Brazil began a project with the aim of connecting church girls and their friends from school, college, and work to learn more about God digitally, after all, it was the beginning of a pandemic.

Benjamin Thiel
March 28, 2023
East Timor
The first baptism in East Timor took place on February 19 for the honor and glory of God. Five souls were baptized on the occasion.

East Timor—Sunday, February 19, marked a special occasion in East Timor. Five souls were baptized in what was the Reform Movement's first baptism in the country. Brother Benjamin Thiel, Pacific Region Regional Secretary, and Brother Daud Simanjuntak who relocated to East Timor from Indonesia, were the officiating pastors. 


Rolly Dumaguit
March 27, 2023
French Polynesia
From February 22 to March 4, the brethren in French Polynesia held a series of missionary activities in the surrounding islands.

Tahiti Nui Island, French Polynesia—From February 22 to March 4, the brethren in French Polynesia held a series of missionary activities in the surrounding islands. French Polynesia is a set of 118 islands in the Pacific Ocean, between Australia and South America. It is one of the most isolated places on earth, due to its distance from the closest Continent.


Brother Rolly Dumaguit from the Philippines (GC Vice President), accompanied by Brother Etienne Lombard (Elder, Canada), assisted our brethren in their missionary activities.