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Missionary School Graduation - Mahoko, Rwanda

John Bosco
June 16, 2024
On June 9, forty-two students graduated after a six-month accelerated missionary school program.  

Mahoko, Rwanda—On June 9, 2025, forty-two missionary school students graduated after a six-month accelerated program in the SDA Reform Movement Missionary School in Mahoko.  


The students came from twelve countries across Northern Africa,

  • 3 from North Kivu [DRC]
  • 4 from Tanzania
  • 13 from Rwanda
  • 2 from Uganda
  • 8 from Ethiopia
  • 3 from Liberia
  • 2 from Burundi
  • 1 from Togo
  • 1 from Cote d’Ivoir
  • 1 from the Central African Republic
  • 1 from Madagascar, and
  • 3 from Kenya

They return to their homes better equipped and prepared to engage in missionary service.


For six months, they had classes that covered Ecclesiology, Naturopathy, Anatomy, Physiology, Evangelism, Anthropology, Pastoral ministry, Homiletics, Church government, Leadership, Prophecy, Church History, Bible Doctrine and Bible Prophecy, Financial Management, the Sanctuary, Organization Functionality Systems, Gospel Workers, Soteriology and Hamartiology. Fourteen teachers, including several General Conference officers, taught the classes.


May the Lord continue blessing and guiding these students that they may practice and share what they have learned during their time in Mahoko.