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News Updates

Davi P. Silva
May 16, 2022
A brief summary of the worker's seminar held for the ministers, ordained elders, and Bible workers of the SDARM Peruvian Union from April to May 2022.

Puente Piedra, Peru—A worker's seminar was held for the ministers, ordained elders, and Bible workers of the SDARM Peruvian Union. The seminar was held in Puente Piedra, Lima, from April 25 to May 1, under the title "Ready to Serve".


Brother Rômulo Borges (GC Regional Secretary for South America) and Brother Davi P. Silva (GC Sabbath School Department Director) were present as the guest speakers. 


Edu Campos
May 9, 2022
For fifty years, the Mexican Union prepares a special, annual, campmeeting, where members gather together from around the country. This year's theme, "Prepared for Eternity".

Acaxochitlán, Mexico—Every year, the Mexican Union holds a campmeeting, and members gather from all over the country for the event. This April, the 50th National Campmeeting, entitled "Prepared for Eternity", took place in Acaxochitlán, Hidalgo.


The five days (April 13-17) were packed with activities—messages by Union leaders, local pastors, and GC President, Brother Eli Tenorio; the missionary school graduation ceremony; baptisms; children's dedication; and time in fellowship. 


Jean Bosco
May 3, 2022
Central African Republic
The first Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement baptism in the Central African Republic took place in April 2022.

Central Africa Republic—We praise the Lord for the first baptism performed in the Central African Republic. Seven souls were baptized by Brother Jean Bosco on April 9, 2022. 


Every baptism is a special occasion, greatly celebrated in heaven and on Earth. However, this baptism also marked the entrance of the Reform Movement in one more country, which gives us double reason for celebration.


Liliane Balbach
April 26, 2022
United States
Two brethren were ordained as elders in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.

Roanoke, United States—Brother Paul Balbach and Brother Hudson Gessner were ordained as Elders on March 26, 2022, in Roanoke, Virginia, USA.


It was a beautiful and solemn Sabbath with over 150 people present from the local church, Washington DC, and surrounding churches.


Adriano Donizeti De Souza
April 19, 2022
The first in-person rehearsals and recording of the Brazil Reform Philharmonic Orchestra took place this year.

Itú, São Paulo, Brazil—From January 20-25, 2022, the Brazil Reform Philharmonic Orchestra gathered in person for the first time at the South Brazilian Union headquarters in Itú for rehearsals, the recording of music clips at the media studio, and a weekend concert.