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Missionary School Graduation - Democratic Republic of the Congo

Karim Kasonga
January 3, 2024
CONGO, Democratic Republic of
After two years of study, the Rama Theological Missionary school students presented their final projects and graduated.

Kasangulu, the Democratic Republic of the Congo—On November 15-16, 2023, the students of the Rama Theological Missionary School in Kasangulu had the opportunity to defend their thesis ahead of their missionary school graduation. 


Over the course of two years, they dedicated their lives to the study of the Bible and the theology curriculum. On November 26, the twenty-six graduating students participated in the graduation ceremony, witnessed by their friends and family. Brother Mario Linares, the GC Missionary Department Director, was also present for the event. 


May the Lord bless the missionary school graduates in their future labors and endeavors in the Lord's cause. Let us keep them in our prayers.