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Children & Family Camp - Colorado, USA


Start Date: 
July 17, 2024
End Date: 
July 21, 2024


United States

You are invited to join the WNAU first "Children's and Family Camp" to be held from July 17-21, 2024 at our beautiful mountain campground in the Colorado Mountains.


Come join us for a Bible based, spiritually and mentally refreshing retreat catered for parents and children from the ages of 1–12 years of age.


There will be Bible based activity stations during the week specifically designed for your child's age group along with outdoor guided nature exploring, family hikes, outings, discussion groups and topics specifically for moms and dads also. 


The theme and title of the camp is "Dare to Be" based on the courageous stories of the book of Daniel. The activities will be themed around the book of Daniel, promoting and simplifying the prophecies of Daniel. These activities would be for the spiritual understanding of your children in helping prepare them for the soon coming of Jesus.


Those leading out in the children's activity stations will be experienced parents, including sister Tina Alexa and sister Belém Lopez. Come join us and "Dare to Be" a family for Christ. 


Register and save your spot today as lodging is limited. First come, first served for rooms in the lodge (restroom located in lodge). After the lodge accommodations, there are cabins available which are a short walk to the restroom. There are also tent spots available and hotels in the area.


Click here to register.

Photos of location here.


For any questions or more information, please feel free to contact Brother Daniel at or 916-519-8641


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Camp Meeting