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25th Anniversary of the Eden Health Center - Breaza, Romania

Cristina Mihail
July 3, 2024
The 25th Anniversary of the Eden Health Center in Breaza, Romania.

Breaza, Romania—On May 12th, the staff and partners of the Eden Health Center met at the headquarters of the Eden Foundation to—by praise and thanksgiving—mark its 25th anniversary.


The health center began as a project by Brother Ioan Tomoiaga, and was further developed by Brother Cojocea Ioan. The Eden clinic is the mature fruit of the generosity of numerous brethren from Romania and worldwide, who discerned the possibilities that such a center would offer for the healing of physical ailments and the acquaintance with biblical principles. 


The lot was bought through the generosity of Brother Damian Garbi, who sold his home in order to donate the money for the acquisition of the property. In 1994, the lot on Caraiman Street 5, Breaza, was purchased. On January 24, 1995, the building authorization was issued by the Townhall of Breaza. Under the supervision of the brethren in the Romanian Union, the necessary documents were completed, a construction site supervisor and workers were secured, and the work began. From concrete pillars to nails, to the sewage system, masonry work, plastering, furniture, kitchen utensils and appliances, washing machines, carpets, bedding and furnishings—these all meant expenses and the need for hands to work.


On August 2, 1998, with the brethren from the Romanian Union as well as several local authorities in attendance, the Eden Health Center was inaugurated. Since March 1, 1999, nearly 11,000 patients who were sick, discouraged, or in search for a better lifestyle, found in Eden an oasis of rest. During the treatment sessions, by means of diet, physical exercise, baths, poultices, compresses, and other natural remedies, during the cooking classes, and the morning and evening prayer programs, patients are taught lifestyle changes that will promote healing. In the warm and welcoming environment, patients find a peaceful place where they often establish friendships.


Though the history of the Eden Health Center was not one free from challenges and problems, the 25 years of activity represent an ascending path. The first ten years were characterized by the enthusiastic management by Dr. Doru Laza, followed by Dr. Raileanu Valerian and Dr. Raileanu Stelian, who were joined later, in 2018, by Dr. Barbu Emil.


During the anniversary program, various (former and current) employees of the institution took the floor and highlighted experiences from their time at the clinic or reminisced on the stages of the development of the institution. The Eden Choir offered several uplifting hymns. The mayor who had been in office in Breaza at the time of Eden’s inauguration, Mr. George Maracineanu, and the current mayor of the town, Mr. Bogdan Novac, also addressed the audience, expressing their joy for the anniversary to which they had been invited, and highlighting the relevance of the Eden Health Center for the local community.


Looking back on the last 25 years, we can wholeheartedly say: "Eben Ezer!” ("So far the Lord has helped us!”) For those interested, please visit us or view the programs under the following links: First program and Second program.