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International Youth Convention - Luanda, Angola

Larissa Gessner
January 3, 2024
A youth convention was held in Luanda from December 19-24. Young people from across Africa attended, and the event ended with the baptism of over 80 souls.

Luanda, Angola—The December heat in Luanda welcomed those arriving for the long-awaited International Youth Convention, which took place from December 19-24. The theme presented was "At the Threshold of Eternity", and Brethren Adrian Finaru (Youth Department Director), Rolly Dumaguit (1st Vice President), and Manuel Henda (Regional Secretary for Southern Africa) were among the speakers.


Attendees came from across Southern Africa, arriving from Zambia, Namibia, Zimbabwe, South Africa, and various parts of Angola. On Sabbath, nearly 2,500 souls were present to offer songs of praise and hear the messages presented. 


On Sunday, over 80 baptismal candidates made their way into the Atlantic Ocean, where they buried their old lives and arose anew. Let us keep our new brethren in our prayers.


We praise the Lord for the opportunity to congregate and learn more about Him. Below are some photos of the event.