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Youth Messenger Online Edition


Sacred Praise
Bethany Muresan

The wondrous grace of love divine

That sent the perfect Son of God

To come to earth and suffer loss—

The press of sin alone He trod!

Come celebrate God’s gift to us

By being one with us in pain;

Eternal praise and golden crowns

Together we will strive to gain.

The apple of God’s eye—the church—

Must never lose its high esteem

In human thought or word or act

Howe’er imperfect it may seem.

Be careful not to quench true zeal;

Press on although the path be rough;

The Lord has promised to His saints

That grace divine will be enough.

Now what is it which gives the aid

To sing angelic melody?

Developing in sacred song

The notes of Christian harmony.

So what’s the wondrous keynote there?

True, heartfelt thankfulness for all

Christ gave for you and me and them,

That He by mercy us did call!

By what would we seek to inspire

Full love for His abundant grace?

Let’s sing as God does for one soul—

With sacred song approach His face.

Our song must by His will abide—

It must be one of noblest sound,

Portray the character of Him

With Whom our hearts and songs are bound.

With cheerful, solemn melody

And simple tone like that of birds,

Unlike the “pop” and “rock” today—

It must be true to God’s own words.

The music for the church must serve

Its purpose, so that hearts may burn

With fresher zeal and firmer faith

To never from the pathway turn.