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Youth Messenger Online Edition


Building an Amazing Life

Dear friends, God promises to supply all our needs when we ask in faith (Matthew 7:7). He guarantees that His faithful children will live life to its maximum potential—physically, mentally and spiritually. But far too often, we take His assurances for granted and expect to reach the desired destination while neglecting to take the necessary small steps that would get us there. To build a structure that won’t get blown away in the first heavy wind requires a careful, step-by-step process. The same is true when building a Christlike character that will stand through life’s storms—strong enough to endure even to eternity.

Sometimes we fear that an authentic Christian life would require too much self sacrifice, that Biblical principles are too restrictive or that living with Jesus would be boring. So, we take shortcuts in our everyday walk, only to end up lost and confused. We too often doubt God’s promises instead of distrusting self.

So we may need to start all over again—this time the right way, which is the only way to fulfill our God-given destiny. Don’t be afraid or ashamed to face that reality. Go forward with it. Remember that without Christ, we can do nothing, while we can do everything through Him who strengthens us.

In this magazine, you’ll learn about simple steps in daily living and the impact these can have in your own life and in the lives of others. Enjoy—and make it amazing!

—Adrian Finaru