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News Updates

Mario Linares
November 11, 2021
A Youth Colportage Seminar for the missionary school students and young people from across the country took place in Barbosa, Santander.
Barbosa, Colombia—Colombia is a country with enchanting landscapes, from the ocean coast and mountains to the Amazon jungle. It has approximately 50 million inhabitants, and 75% of its population lives in urban areas.
Marcelo Ponce
November 10, 2021
Three baptisms were performed in Germany from July to October of 2021.

Germany—We are overjoyed to share the blessings of the summer harvest with our brethren around the world. Three baptisms were performed in Germany from July-October of 2021.


The first took place on July 24, in Karlsruhe. Sister Elisa Parpaillon was baptized and welcomed to the Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Church by her grandfather and local pastor, Brother Hans Woywod. 


On September 4, three souls were baptized in Mörfelden-Walldorf by Brother Marcelo Ponce, the local pastor. 


November 10, 2021
A youth retreat took place in Palmas, Tocantins, in the North of Brazil, from October 15-17. Four souls were baptized.

Palmas, Brazil—From October 15-17, 2021, God gave us the privilege of participating in a wonderful gathering in honor and to glorify His name.


The youth retreat took place in Palmas, Tocantins, in the North of Brazil. The general theme was "Radically Committed to Jesus", and it was the main subject taught throughout the event by Brother Roosevelt Jr., pastor and youth director for the Central Brazilian Field.


The retreat brought together over two-hundred people, most of which were young people and missionaries from out of town and many from out of state.

RPASD Hrvatska
November 8, 2021
Two baptisms took place in Croatia over the summer.

Rovinj and Zagreb, Croatia—The Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement Church in Croatia recently grew through two baptisms.


Guerlyns St. Eloi
November 4, 2021
The brethren in Ganthier, Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, hosted a spiritual health conference in October. 

Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti—On October 16, 2021, the brethren in Ganthier, Croix-des-Bouquets, hosted a spiritual health conference. 


The theme of the conference was "The Children of God in Good Health". Guerlyns St. Eloi and Brother Romél Beauvil (local pastor) presented topics concerning health and wellness. 


Over thirty-five visitors attended the event.