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News Updates

Diego Moreno
February 2, 2023
Colombia's annual conferences were held in early January 2023, gathering over 1,400 attendees.

Barbosa, Santander, Colombia—From January 4-7, 2023, the Colombian Union's National Conferences were held at the EBEN-EZER Camp and Union headquarters. The theme was "The Remnant in the Crisis". Over 1,400 people attended the event, including over 300 visitors who were visiting the Reform Movement for the first time.


Miguel Mendoza
January 30, 2023
Two young people were baptized in Melbourne by ministers Nathan Tyler and Brother Miguel Mendoza.

Melbourne, Australia—On January 21, 2023, two young people surrendered their lives and futures to the Lord through Baptism. Brother Anthony Kiriakov and Sister Vanessa Cristea baptism were baptized in the Warrandyte River by Brother Nathan Tyler and Brother Miguel Mendoza. 


Liviu Tudoroiu
January 24, 2023
The General Conference Annual Council took place from January 2023 in Barbosa, Santander, Colombia.

Camp Eben-ezer, Barbosa, Colombia—The General Conference's Annual Council was held from January 11-18, 2023. Breaking from its traditional gathering in the fall, the 2023 Council convened in the first month of the year.


The 24th General Conference delegation session and public meetings will, God-willing, be held in Colombia in January 2025, so this year's Council served as an opportunity to experience the location and logistics in advance. 


January 17, 2023
Vila União, a village located in northern state of Maranhão, Brazil, hosted a series of special conferences back in December. It was a special weekend that involved many in the community.

Vila União, Maranhão, Brazil—From December 9-11, 2022, the brethren in a small village of the state of Maranhão, in northern Brazil, gathered for a special series of conferences. The local brethren invited friends, family members, and church brethren from neighboring communities to join them for the meetings entitled “Walking with Jesus”. 


Karim Kasonga
January 16, 2023
CONGO, Democratic Republic of
The end of December and beginning of January saw the Reform Movement youth from across South East Africa gathered in the DRC for two events.

Democratic Republic of the Congo—The end of December and beginning of January saw the Reform Movement youth from across South East Africa gathered in the DRC for two events. 


From December 25 to January 2, the 2nd Francophone Youth Convention was held in Kananga. The theme was "Assieds-toi d’abord pour calculer la depense" (Sit down first and calculate the cost), based on Luke 14:29-30. At the end of the youth convention in Kananga, over twenty young people made a public commitment to the Lord through Holy Baptism.