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News Updates

Patty Mancilla
February 27, 2024
A spiritual retreat took place in Tarija from February 9-13, under the inspiring theme "Between God and Me".

Pinos Sud, Tarija, Bolivia—The beautiful city of Tarija, in Bolivia, welcomed the participants of the spiritual retreat with open arms. The retreat took place from February 9-13, 2024, under the inspiring theme "BETWEEN GOD AND ME".


This Field-level event brought together numerous attendees, including friends from abroad. On Sabbath, over 200 souls gathered to sing songs of praise and absorb the spiritual messages imparted in this enchanting setting, seeking to strengthen their connection with the Divine.


Larissa Gessner
February 8, 2024
The worldwide Health Awareness Sabbath took place on January 13, 2024. Churches around the world participated with messages and activities around the central theme "Temperance".

Every year, the GC Medical Missionary Department designates a Sabbath in January as a Health Awareness Sabbath. These Sabbaths provide an opportunity for local churches to involve health workers from their congregations in planning a Sabbath dedicated to specific health-related themes.


This year, the theme was "Temperance." Resources were distributed in advance, allowing local churches worldwide to delve into Christian Temperance and encourage members to set health goals for 2024.


Patty Mancilla
February 7, 2024
The vibrant city of Santa Cruz, played host to the Reform Movement's National Youth Convention from January 15th to 20th. The theme was "The Reset".

Santa Cruz, Bolivia—The vibrant city of Santa Cruz, Bolivia, radiated with warmth as it played host to the Reform Movement's National Youth Convention from January 15th to 20th. Themed "The Reset," this gathering was a beacon of enthusiasm, drawing participants from across the nation and beyond. The guest speakers were Brother Adrian Finaru, Director of the GC Youth Department, and Brother Liviu Tudoroiu, GC Secretary, who inspired and guided the attendees.


Evelyn Gessner
January 29, 2024
The 7th Vacation Music Course was held in Itú, Brazil, in early January. The theme was "The Reason for Praise".

Itú, Brazil—In the second week of 2024, a vibrant assembly of 450 music enthusiasts convened at the South Brazilian Union's headquarters for an enriching musical retreat. Themed "The Reason for Praise," the event attracted dedicated music students not only from various corners of Brazil but also from the Chilean Union.


The schedule was brimming with activities, yet the atmosphere resonated with lively energy as sacred melodies echoed through the halls and among the nature outside over the course of the five-day program.


Larissa Gessner
January 3, 2024
A youth convention was held in Luanda from December 19-24. Young people from across Africa attended, and the event ended with the baptism of over 80 souls.

Luanda, Angola—The December heat in Luanda welcomed those arriving for the long-awaited International Youth Convention, which took place from December 19-24. The theme presented was "At the Threshold of Eternity", and Brethren Adrian Finaru (Youth Department Director), Rolly Dumaguit (1st Vice President), and Manuel Henda (Regional Secretary for Southern Africa) were among the speakers.