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25th National Youth Convention - Peru

Renueva TV
March 26, 2024
The Peruvian Union's 25th National Youth Convention took place in Rioja, under the theme “On the Eve of a Great Crisis”

Rioja, Peru—Rioja is a city located in the Peruvian Amazonia, and it was the host of the 25th National Youth Convention, under the theme “On the Eve of a Great Crisis”.


The guest speakers were Brethren Adrian Finaru (GC Youth Department Director), Davi P. Silva (Sabbath School Department Director), Mario Linares (Canvassing Department Director), Rômulo Borges (Regional Secretary for South America), and André Davai, (Welfare Department Director).


Over 2,500 brethren participated in this convention, representing countries across South America, including Brazil, Chile, and Argentina. All enjoyed and participated in the beautiful songs and musical offerings.


On Wednesday afternoon, the attendees were able to participate in missionary activities, going out to the streets of the city handing out studies and inviting the community to attend a concert that took place on Thursday evening.


On Thursday morning, the Union's Welfare Department, led by Brother Elver Diaz, carried out a health campaign in the city's main square where over four-hundred people from the local community were served. They had access to different services, including medical appointments, naturopathic consultations, pediatric services, physiotherapy, podiatry, hairdressing, dentistry, nutrition, massages, counseling, and more.


During this event, twenty-eight souls gave their lives to the Lord, pledging their devotion to Jesus through baptism. Let us pray for them and support them on their spiritual journey.