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Spiritual Retreat - Eastern Bolivian Field

Patty Mancilla
February 27, 2024
A spiritual retreat took place in Tarija from February 9-13, under the inspiring theme "Between God and Me".

Pinos Sud, Tarija, Bolivia—The beautiful city of Tarija, in Bolivia, welcomed the participants of the spiritual retreat with open arms. The retreat took place from February 9-13, 2024, under the inspiring theme "BETWEEN GOD AND ME".


This Field-level event brought together numerous attendees, including friends from abroad. On Sabbath, over 200 souls gathered to sing songs of praise and absorb the spiritual messages imparted in this enchanting setting, seeking to strengthen their connection with the Divine.


We gratefully celebrate the opportunity to come together and deepen our knowledge and experience of God. Below, we share some images captured during this moving spiritual encounter.