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Devotional: An Answer to Prayer

Claudia Togas
June 13, 2017
When what was supposed to be a smooth flight home resulted in a missed flight and a seemingly impossible situation, God intervened to show that with Him, nothing is impossible.

Testimony originally sent to us via our Facebook page.


On May 15, 2017, at the NAIA International Airport in Manila, Philippines, I was waiting for my flight back home to Malaysia at Gate 108 at 8:38 am. My flight was supposed to leave at 9:00 am but no one was there. I began to wonder why there were no passengers or workers at the gate.


Now it was past 9, so I decided to take a walk and ask someone. They told me the flight going to Kota Kinabalu had already departed. "What? How come? I didn't see it; I was here early; I was waiting."


I asked the staff, and they said the airplane departed before the scheduled flight time, and they changed the gate. Yet, they were saying I missed my flight and that it was my fault that I had not come earlier. I told them that I had arrived early. But my effort was not seen. I felt hopeless and wronged. They were at fault, yet I was the one who was blamed. I never heard my name called, nor the gate change announcement. I had followed the ticket. 


In short, they told me to buy a new ticket instead of complaining. I was shocked because I didn't have any cash. I had spent the last of my pesos because I thought I was going back to Malaysia and wouldn't need them anymore.


I am not rich, but every blessing that comes to me I spend doing missionary work and to help people who need it more than I need it. My happiness is to see other people happy. If I should suffer, I remember the words "give and take" and "the more you give, the more you receive," which is what the Bible tells us. I came to the Philippines and spent a lot of money for spiritual meetings, missionary visits, meeting our brethren in Christ, follow-up Bible studies, and in sharing God's words to the people that I met on the plane, the airport, the mall, the bus, and everywhere.


How was I going to buy a ticket? I sat in a chair and bowed my head, closed my eyes, and prayed. I asked God to help me, please.


Just after I prayed, an Indian lady came towards me. She heard that I missed my flight and she said, "I and my friends will help you. We will buy a new ticket for you, so don't worry. Be thankful to God because God heard your prayer, and He is good to you. I think you are God's servant because God used us to help you. You must be very lucky and God really loves you."


I was surprised and couldn't stop crying. The grace of God once again at my side. I was so thankful to God and to the Indian people. God answered my prayer once again.


I got my new ticket, and at the end, before we separated, the lady asked me, "What is your work?" "I am doing missionary work," I answered. "That's why you are so blessed and God kept you and protected you," she said. I praised God; to Him be the glory. She and her friends gave me money to return to our church in Interville so I wouldn't have to stay in the airport for the few days before my flight.


I always trust in God that He will never leave me. Never. Keep trusting God, pray, and read His words. To God be the glory for what happened to me that day. When you pray, believe that God will answer. "For with God nothing shall be impossible," Luke 1:37.


Part 2 coming soon.

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