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Youth Messenger Online Edition


The Blessing of a Song

“What a friend we have in Jesus,”

Sang a weary child one day;

And a weary woman listened

To the darling’s happy lay.

All her life seemed dark and gloomy,

And her heart was sad with care.

Sweetly rang out baby’s treble,

“All our sins and griefs to bear.”

She was pointing out the Saviour,

Who could carry every woe;

And the one who sadly listened

Needed that dear helper so!

Sin and grief were heavy burdens

For a fainting soul to bear;

But the baby, singing, bade her

“Take it to the Lord in prayer.”

With a simple, trusting spirit.

Weak and worn she turned to God,

Asking Christ to take her burden,

As He was the sinner’s Lord.

Jesus was the only refuge;

He could take her sin and care;

And He blessed the weary woman

When she came to Him in prayer.

And the happy child, still singing,

Little knew she had a part

In God’s wondrous work of bringing

Peace unto a troubled heart.

- Anonymous