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Youth Messenger Online Edition


A Brighter, Broader Circle of Friends

It is customary for articles to be written, discussions to take place, and seminars to be held for youth on the subject of “relationships,” romantic relationships, that is. But more could be done so that the youth can understand the importance of other aspects of interpersonal relationships as well. It seems that in secular educational centers and in churches everywhere, youth are being segregated based on age groups and are being encouraged to learn from their peers rather than from older, more experienced folks.

Yet as a child, I remember liking to listen to life stories told by war veterans and by individuals who had suffered hunger and homelessness in the 1940’s. But the most fascinating stories were those I heard after my conversion, from older brethren who had experienced religious persecution in Europe. I am grateful that, back then, we as youth were mingling with the elderly, giving us a unique opportunity to learn realities we may never have had a chance to benefit from again. The most common way to learn a trade, back then, was by assisting, without pay, a professional. Boys and girls, ultimately interested also in romantic relationships eventually, would get to know each other’s strengths and weaknesses in a real life setting during workshops that would combine trade and socialization.

Perhaps I’m being carried away here by nostalgia for a moment, but the point I’m trying to make is that we need to improve the way we interact with one another, to use our capacities for the benefit of all around us. By investing first in our relationship with God—who will become the source of all—we have something wonderful that we can pass on to our family, our church family, to friends, and to those who might not enjoy the privileges we have and who need salvation. May these articles be a blessing to all of you!

—Adrian Finaru