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United in Prayer: Ukraine

Eli Tenorio
May 14, 2024
Join us this Sabbath, May 18, for a special Sabbath of prayer on behalf of our brethren in Ukraine. This is an appeal for all local churches.

Official Communication of the General Conference

to: Regional Secretaries, Union Presidents, Field Presidents,

Ministers, Bible Workers, and Local Leaders


My dear brethren in Christ,


The challenging situation facing our brothers in Ukraine demands not only our attention, but also our collective spiritual support. As members of the Reform Movement, we are called to be light in times of darkness by refusing to take up arms against our fellow man.

On May 18, a new law will come into force in Ukraine. Due to the country's conflict with Russia, all men of military age must report to territorial recruitment centers without exemption. To this day, our brothers' position as conscientious objectors has been tolerated, and they have been permitted to continue to serve as citizens. Through the local Welfare Department, they rebuilt homes, evacuated victims from war-torn neighborhoods, and fed refugees. Our churches have been shelters for the displaced and our brethren have been vital, spreading hope during this period.


We have almost 800 members in Ukraine, and each of our brothers has had to appear before the military, who in times past tolerated their letters of religious exemption. Unfortunately, as the conflict escalates, the government has required all men between the ages of 18 and 60 to report to military bases, and requests for religious exemptions are being denied. Last week, Brother Oleg appeared at the recruitment center in the morning, by the afternoon they had put him onto the military bus and by the morning of the next day he was at the military base, regardless of his position and requests. Each brother will face similar situations, at risk of imprisonment or being sent to into combat.


In response to these events, I invite our entire global community to join together in a special moment of meditation and prayer, a few moments before this Sabbath’s divine service.




An introduction explaining the above context to our members.

Bible Reading: We will provide a selection of biblical passages that invoke peace and hope.


Together we will sing a hymn of hope and courage: A Mighty Fortress. A playback will be provided so we unite together for the same song.


Individual prayers:
A moment of prayer in groups of 2-3.


Congregational prayer:
The congregation unites in prayer, led by one person, interceding for our brothers and their families.


Conclude with gratitude for everyone's participation and an appeal to continue praying for our brothers in the coming weeks.


Materials will be available for download at on Thursday morning (PST).


This meeting will not only be an act of solidarity, but a testimony of the power of faith and communion. Let us unite in prayer.


We thank you in advance for your participation and your continued commitment to living the Gospel that calls us to be peacemakers.


May God bless you.


Your Brother in the Blessed Hope,
Eli Tenorio