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Children's Sabbath School Seminar - Linares, Chile

Franck Vitorassi
November 28, 2023
At the end of October, the Children's Sabbath School teachers in Chile met in Linares for a teachers' training seminar.

Linares, Chile—At the end of October, the Chilean Union's Children's Sabbath School teachers met in Linares for a training seminar. The seminar took place from October 26-29, and Sister Sara Devai, (Chairman of the GC's Children Sub-Committee) was the main speaker.  


The seminar encouraged teachers, as well as updated them concerning support materials and teaching strategies. There are currently two Sabbath Bible classes, Children's Treasures (up to age 8) and Junior Searcher (ages 9-12). At such young ages, children are ready, and often eager, to learn Bible stories and develop a relationship with Jesus.


With wisdom, teachers can collaborate with parents in the spiritual upbringing of the children in our midst. For some children, Sabbath School will be their only source of spiritual instruction, thus teachers have a privilege to shape young minds but also a great responsibility. Let us keep them in our prayers as they volunteer their time and means towards God's kingdom.