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Humanitarian Mission - Santa Cruz, Chile

Franck Vitorassi
November 14, 2023
On October 5, the brethren in Santa Cruz, Chile, participated in a humanitarian mission, serving over 150 individuals.

Santa Cruz, Chile—On the first weekend of November, the brethren in Santa Cruz, a city about two hours from the Chilean capital, Santiago, held a spiritual conference. Then, on Sunday, November 5, our brethren traveled to Santa Cruz, a city about two hours from the capital, to participate in a humanitarian mission.


There, the brethren offered medical, dental, podiatry, massage, and counseling services. Bible studies were also offered, and about forty-individuals signed up. 


Brother André Devai, the GC Welfare Department Director, coordinated the event together with Brother Júlio Damacena, the Chilean Union's Welfare Department Director. 


Approximately 150 individuals were served through the multiple services at the mission, and we pray that the Lord will bless each soul with whom we came into contact on that occasion. Please keep the work in Santa Cruz in your prayers.