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Baptism in East Timor

Benjamin Thiel
March 28, 2023
East Timor
The first baptism in East Timor took place on February 19 for the honor and glory of God. Five souls were baptized on the occasion.

East Timor—Sunday, February 19, marked a special occasion in East Timor. Five souls were baptized in what was the Reform Movement's first baptism in the country. Brother Benjamin Thiel, Pacific Region Regional Secretary, and Brother Daud Simanjuntak who relocated to East Timor from Indonesia, were the officiating pastors. 


We ask the brethren to please pray for the work in East Timor. It is a relatively new country, establishing independence from Indonesia in 2002, and there is much to be done in establishing the Gospel in that region. We praise Him for “'til now He has helped us”.