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Conferences - Colombian Union

Diego Moreno
February 2, 2023
Colombia's annual conferences were held in early January 2023, gathering over 1,400 attendees.

Barbosa, Santander, Colombia—From January 4-7, 2023, the Colombian Union's National Conferences were held at the EBEN-EZER Camp and Union headquarters. The theme was "The Remnant in the Crisis". Over 1,400 people attended the event, including over 300 visitors who were visiting the Reform Movement for the first time.


We had the privilege of having nine representatives from the General Conference as our guest speakers, as they arrived early for the Council meetings that took place after the conferences. There were separate classes for the youth and children, and the event was greatly blessed with moments of prayer and worship. Each speaker called upon those present to be prepared for the final crisis and be part of the remnant that will be faithful to the end. 


We praise the Lord for the opportunity to meet once again.