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Breakfast for Venezuelan Immigrants - Boa Vista, Brazil

Willianne Vasconcelos
December 13, 2022
On November 20, our brethren in Boa Vista, Brazil, mobilized to take breakfast to Venezuelan immigrants fleeing their country.

Boa Vista, Brazil—For years, the situation in Venezuela has become increasingly difficult. Approximately 25% of the Venezuelan population has fled the country, in numbers that surpass refugee numbers from Syria and Ukraine.


Between June and August of this year, 30,000 crossed the border and arrived in Brazil alone. The state of Roraima receives approximately 300-500 people per day.


The Brazilian Military has set up shelters, but triaging and organizing the influx takes time.


Our brethren decided to help where they could. Members in Boa Vista, Roraima, contributed what they could in terms of food, funds, and time to bring breakfast to the hungry on Sunday, November 20.


Along with the physical food, spiritual food was also distributed in the form of Bibles, tracts, and magazines.


We often feel helpless amidst the crises in our world, but with God’s help there is always something we can do—a smile to bestow, bread to share, funds to donate, and hope to spread!


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