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Baptism - Linares, Chile

Franck Vitorassi
October 25, 2022
A baptism was performed in Linares, Chile, on October 16, 2022.


Linares, Chile—On October 16, 2022, over one-hundred people gathered at a riverbank to witness the baptism of a young lady. Sister Claudia was baptized by Brother Joel Morales in Linares, Chile, and over half of the witnesses present were Sister Claudia’s relatives, friends, and neighbors. She took the opportunity to invite them to her baptism, where most encountered the church for the first time. 


Naturally, the well-attended baptism ceremony called the attention of a few passersby, including a young family who, impressed by the baptism, stopped and asked the brethren to say a prayer for them and their five-month-old baby. 


May God bless Sister Claudia and those who encountered the Gospel through her testimony.