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Vacation Canvassing - Xaxim, Brazil

William K. Souza
August 8, 2022
Fourteen participants dedicated ten days of their winter break towards canvassing.

Xaxim, Brazil—The APASCA (Paraná/Santa Catarina Field) Vacation Canvassing took place in the city of Xaxim, Santa Catarina from July 18-27, 2022.


By the grace of God, a group of fourteen participants from various states and countries dedicated ten days of their winter break towards canvassing.


Participants attended a training seminar before setting out. Several houses opened their doors, and we prayed with them and read a passage from the Bible.


We felt the presence of God with us during those days. On Sunday, July 24, we traveled to the city of Ametista in Rio Grande do Sul for a pleasant walk with the youth.


By God's grace, 173 books were sold during this period! May God bless the seeds planted in Xaxim, as well as the young laborers in the Lord's vineyard.


"I have been instructed that the canvassing work is to be revived, and that it is to be carried forward with increasing success. It is the Lord's work, and a blessing will attend those who engage in it with earnestness and diligence." ECv, 17.