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International Youth Convention - Marusevac, Croatia

Nina Burisa
August 3, 2022
The fourth International Youth Convention was held in Marusevac this July, under the theme "A Light Unto My Path".
Marusevac, Croatia—The fourth International Youth Convention was held in Marusevac, from July 12 to 17, 2022. The theme was "A Light Unto My Path" from Psalm 119:105. Approximately one hundred young people from sixteen countries, speaking twelve languages, gathered for the event.  
During the week, our speakers, Brethren Adrian Finaru, Radu Ionita, Ozren Burisa, and Novak Brajovic presented talks on important areas of young people's lives: friendships, relationships and marriage, education, choosing a profession and place to live, baptism, principle of serving, unity, etc. At the same time, a special program was held for children.


Musicians enriched the services with their performances on different instruments and filled the atmosphere with joyful songs. Free time was spent socializing, walking, talking, participating in recreational activities, and an excursion to the Trakoscan Castle.


Around 250 people from Croatia and other countries gathered on Sabbath. A very special moment was the performance of the International Youth Choir that performed the song “Look at the World”. It was a beautiful introduction to the divine service about unity and fellowship, presented by Brother Adrian Finaru, GC Youth Department Director. (You can watch the sermons on YouTube.)

We hope that the convention was beneficial to everyone that attended, that it resulted in new acquaintances, friendships, experiences, and most importantly, that it brought us closer to Jesus.