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Baptism - Puslinch, Canada

Dorin Burca
July 13, 2022
On Sabbath afternoon, June 11, a precious soul was baptized in Ontario, Canada.

Puslinch, Canada—It was with great joy that we gathered on the shore of Valens Lake, Ontario, on Sabbath afternoon, June 11, 2022, to rejoice in the baptism of Sister Renata Szczepanska as she committed her life to the service of the Lord.


Baptisms are a joyous occasion for local churches, but they also provide an opportunity to witness to family and friends of the newly baptized soul. For some, it is the first time they witness an adult baptism.  


We had the privilege of hosting Sister Szczepanska's family and friends at her baptism at the lake and the fellowship service held at the Puslinch church afterwards. We pray that the Lord continue blessing Sister Szczepanska and her family.