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Missionary Work in Saint Lucia

Helisto Barker
June 14, 2022
Saint Lucia
We praise the Lord for the work progressing in Saint Lucia! News from the island nation.

Saint Lucia is a beautiful nation in the Eastern Caribbean with a population of 183,629 (2020). The group of Seventh Day Adventist Reform Movement brethren have been working dutifully and cheerfully to spread the gospel message to their fellow countrymen.


In April, a spiritual retreat was held in Gros-Islet, at the Mission Headquarters. The property was obtained with a donation from a Brother from Martinique, and it has been a great blessing. The retreat had as its theme “The Sanctuary”, and Brother Helisto Barker, the mission pastor, was the speaker at the event that lasted from April 15-19.


In May, church members and friends, including children and young people, participated in literature distribution in Dugart. The brethren often engage in this work, and have had the opportunity not only to distribute books and magazines, but also to interact and share the message with many. As a result, weekly Bible studies with interested families from that sector have begun.


On May 15, two souls were baptized following weekly online and in-person Bible studies with an interested group in Vieux Fort. 


May God continue prospering the work in St. Lucia for His honor and glory, that the gospel may reach many souls in need of the truth.