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Lessons from the Resurrection: Go and Tell

Larissa Tenorio Gessner
April 17, 2018
When we think of the phrase “go and tell”, most often we think of it as a command to tell “others” about Jesus. However, the rest of that sentence says “…[tell] His disciples”.

“And go quickly, and tell His disciples that He is risen from the dead…” Matthew 28:5.


“Christ's first work on earth after His resurrection was to convince His disciples of His undiminished love and tender regard for them. To give them proof that He was their living Saviour, that He had broken the fetters of the tomb, and could no longer be held by the enemy death;” (The Desire of Ages, p. 793).


For the last few months, we have been studying the lessons found in the life of Christ. There are enough lessons to be studied throughout lifetimes and which have been over centuries.


But the lessons we learn are not all meant to be kept to ourselves. The revelations of Christ in our lives, His blessings, and the truths we learn are meant to be put into practice and shared with others around us.


Tell His Disciples

When we think of the phrase “go and tell”, most often we think of it as a command to tell “others” about Jesus. However, the rest of that sentence says “…[tell] His disciples”. First, the disciples were to learn about the resurrection and what it meant.


We also need to do the same. We often share prayer request and discuss our trials and discouragements. Often, we approach our pastors crestfallen in search of advice and encouragement. We are certainly in need of prayer—our very existence is fragile—and seeking advice is wise. 


However, it becomes a problem when trials and discouragements become the focus of our church relationships and spiritual journey. We miss out when we do not study the resurrection and understand what it means. We miss out when we do not rejoice together because He has risen. Contemplation of Christ's sacrifice should bring hope to our hearts and cause praise to overflow from our lips. He lives! and so can we! His victory is ours! 


Every church member, every church leader, every disciple of Christ around us can benefit from the reminder that our God—our loving God—died for us. Yet He did not remain dead but arose. Through His victory, we too can become victorious! Hope is not lost. Good has overcome the world!


All Nations

“Go ye therefore, and teach all nations,” Matthew 28:19.


After spending time with Him and strengthening their relationship with Christ, the disciples were ready to spread the Gospel to all nations.


Likewise, when we believe and our heart is strengthened through a relationship with Christ, it will be our joy to share with others what makes us happy.


Have you ever thought it difficult to share the Gospel message with others—perhaps thinking, “Who is going to accept so many ‘restrictions’ in this modern age”? Try thinking of it this way, few in this dark world are not open to good news. Few would be unwilling to hear about your blessings when shared judiciously and with a meek spirit. Tell others of the good Christ has done for you, the freedom and the changes He has brought to your life. Go and tell—the great blessings and the simple ones. Spread joy and hope and reap the blessings that follow.  


God help us to keep Jesus’ victory in the forefront of our minds and to share our hope with His people and with all nations.

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