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Camp Meeting and Baptism in Uganda

May 13, 2014


     Currently we have 37 organized churches in Uganda—only 3 of which have a church building. The existing church buildings were built with lots of effort by the local brethren, help from the General Conference, and from brethren around the world. Praised be to the Lord for touching hearts and providing for our church family in Uganda!

     More churches are slowly being built according to the financial possibilities. The local brethren and sympathizers work making the bricks which can be seen in one of the pictures below.

     The brethren, friends, and interested people in Uganda gathered for a camp meeting in February 2014, and six new souls were baptized at this occasion.

     Two more groups have been opened recently, one in Kayunga and another one in Kasambya.

     May the Lord continue blessing our brethren and prospering His work in Uganda.