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Youth Messenger Online Edition


Experiencing Transformation

Dear Friends,

The ultimate goal, somehow justifiably selfish, of every Christian is to transition from earth, the symbol of chaos and degradation—to heaven, the symbol of harmony and perfection. We all would like it to happen as instantly as “fast food” in America, but a process of regeneration and re-adaptation to the heavenly atmosphere has to take place in order for us to grow into appreciating eternity as an undeserved gift of God to humanity. Not because God cannot work out instant miracles anymore—but because every one of us has gone astray in different directions and it takes different approaches for us to be brought back to the fold. Thus we all have distinct stories to share or books to write along the way. It was about this process that Jesus was speaking to Nicodemus, the renowned theology professor, when He explained: “Except a man be born again, he cannot see the kingdom of God” (John 3:3).

In this series of articles, the authors are each sharing their experience of sincere and profound conversion from one stage to another in their Christian lives, because conversion is not a one-time miracle. It is rather a continual one, an everyday transformation from one level to another, higher and higher on the ladder to the uppermost rung of Christian perfection.

I hope and pray that you, beloved young reader, will be blessed through this material and that the experience of your conversion, no matter the background, will be an inspirational story to your fellow pilgrims here on this planet—and why not, for generations to come. . . if Earth’s history will linger long enough!

Adrian Finaru