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Youth Messenger Online Edition


A Conversion Prayer
Eunice Braidman

Oh Lord, one thing of Thee I ask,

That Thou might place within my breast

A heart in harmony with Thine

That of a life renewed attests.


To Thee I give all that I am;

Fulfill thy saving work in me

That Thy dear character of love

The world in me may clearly see.


May I, oh Lord, always remain

Far from evil, far from sin,

Far from all that may revive

The old and carnal man within.


Though in this world I must abide

Let not the world abide in me

The cost I counted and I know

I want it not; no gains I see.


And self—alas! My greatest woe,

By Thy grace and power alone

May it forever know defeat,

Forever vanquished and dethroned.


Help me win against the wrong

To which my nature is inclined.

Put within me, Lord, I pray

A new heart and a new mind.


May my words, my thoughts, and deeds

My dreams and all for which I yearn

Be fitting for a child of Thine,

And Thy approving smile earn.


May I surrender every day

That I may ever grow in Thee,

And that through me all men may know

Of Him who from sin’s bonds sets free!