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He Is Not Here
Eunice Braidman

The Sabbath day has come and gone,

The sleepy hills await the dawn.

The night of man, the dark of night

Gives way to morn of hope and light.


Broken is the still night air

As it is taken unaware

By quaking earth and lightning sheets

As Christ the pow’r of death defeats.


No more a pris’ner of the grave—

The fallen race He now can save!

Man enslaved can now be free

For Christ has won the victory!


And then the words the angel speaks,

When Mary for Christ’s body seeks:

“He is not here for He has risen,”

The best of tidings ever given.


It is because of words thus spoken

Cursèd sin at last is broken.

Because of this now-empty tomb,

We can escape eternal doom.


It is because the tomb was bare,

It is because He was not there

That you and I, the human race

Are here today—the fruits of grace.