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Sabbath Bible Lessons

The Gospel According to Paul: Hebrews

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  Sabbath, March 2, 2024

First Sabbath Offering For a Chapel and School in Hîncesti, Moldova

Hîncesti is the administrative municipality in the district bearing the same name located in the northwestern part of the Republic of Moldova. The district has a population of 122,000 and is intersected by well-

traveled roads leading to Romania and Ukraine. The economy of this area is based on agriculture (including vineyards and orchards), as well as other products such as shoes, clothes, furniture, and concrete building blocks.

Orthodoxy is the predominant religion (nearly 96%) in this area, while other Protestant denominations make up the remaining 4%. The message of the SDA Reform Movement was brought to this city by a family that moved here in 1959. Two other families joined the church in 1973 and 1983, respectively. So, through the grace of God, the number of church members increased, and, as a result, a congregation was organized here in 1990.

At first, the members met at local families’ homes where they worshiped. Then, in 2000, a private house was bought, and this served as a worship place for 20 years. Today, the majority of members are young families and children. On the outskirts of town, a larger parcel of land has been secured for the building a house of worship to spread the gospel along with an educational classroom for our children to be taught in preparation for the last moments of earth’s history. “Not only should a humble house of worship be erected, but all necessary arrangements should be made for the permanent establishment of the church school.”—Testimonies for the Church, vol. 6, p. 108.

“The Lord has persons to engage in the work of establishing church schools as soon as something is done to prepare the way for them. . . .

“It is high time for Sabbathkeepers to separate their children from worldly associations and place them under the very best teachers, who will make the Bible the foundation of all study.”—Ibid., p. 109.

May the Lord touch hearts and bless our dear brethren around the world to contribute generously to this project, that the light here may spread—and together we can hasten the coming of our Saviour, Jesus Christ. We thank you in advance!

Your brethren from Hîncesti

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