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Sabbath Bible Lessons

The Gospel According to Paul: Hebrews

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  Sabbath, February 3, 2024

First Sabbath Offering for World Disaster Relief

Recent years have shown the fulfillment of prophecies we have studied for decades—wars, conflicts, terrible accidents, and pandemics are words that have become an integral part of our vocabulary, added to floods, hurricanes, earthquakes among many other tragedies. In so many ways, we have clearly heard the footsteps of an approaching God. As a result of these sad events, hundreds go through extreme difficulties and need help to meet everything from the simplest needs to the most serious and costly ones.

In these situations, the GC Welfare Department has shared the blessings provided from our fund through the offerings sent by you, our brethren around the world. These are sent in a personal and specific way to meet the needs, as well as through First Sabbath Offerings. Dear brethren, your offerings have served as shelter for those who have lost their homes in natural tragedies. They have provided food for hundreds of families and cared for the orphan and widow, extending sustenance and help to them. These offerings have also helped parents obtain seeds to plant crops to feed their families or begin a small enterprise. Thus many persons of our faith are thereby able to work and generate some source of income otherwise impossible for them.

Thank God that in these times of trial, many have been touched to place their donations on the altar of the Lord. On behalf of those who are served, we deeply thank you!

However, the needs do not cease—on the contrary, they increase every day, and your generosity makes all the difference.

“The cross of Christ appeals to the benevolence of every follower of the blessed Saviour. The principle there illustrated is to give, give. This, carried out in actual benevolence and good works, is the true fruit of the Christian life.”-—Counsels on Stewardship, p. 14.

Today, as you give your special offering for the first Sabbath, put your best before God. Don’t worry if it’s too little or too much. It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that you do your best. And from the sum of this shared love, we will continue to distribute blessings to our brethren throughout the world. “He who gives to the needy blesses others, and is blessed himself in a still greater degree.” (Ibid., p. 13). God bless you greatly!

General Conference Welfare Department

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