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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Living the Christian Life - Treasures of Truth, Part 4

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First Sabbath Offering for the Chapel Renovation in Belém, SP, Brazil

The city of São Paulo is a municipality in the Brazilian state of the same name. It is the 4th most populous city in the world. São Paulo was founded in 1554 by Jesuit priests and today, 58% of its inhabitants are Catholic, 22% are Protestants and the remaining profess other religions. It was to this city that the first reformers arrived in Brazil and soon spread to other regions of the country. Since São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil, many remained here preaching the gospel, gaining souls for Christ and building houses of worship to our great God; and, in this spirit, began to build the church of Belém (or as we affectionately refer to it, “Belenzinho”).

This church is located near the center of the city, with a vast field for missionary work in the neighborhood. It has long prospered, and over the years many changes have occurred. Today it continues its spiritual life, working with children and the elderly of the surrounding area and, by the grace of God, has succeeded in this prosperous and blessed work. Being one of the first temples of worship of our brethren here in Brazil, the church of Belém has been resilient to keep itself functioning, despite the difficulties imposed on it. Inaugurated on October 15, 1943, this house of worship has always held worship services, just as it continues today.

However, suffering due to advanced age, the building structure in Belém is no longer as strong as the faith of the believers who gather here to worship. Thus, even with a beautiful and long history, the former meeting place of the Brazilian Union needs the urgent financial help of our brethren around the world to carry out a broad reform of this house of worship so that all honor and glory to the supreme God may be offered in a building that lives up to the importance of such acts. We thank all the donors for their kind collaboration—and may God bless our brothers and sisters who will help us keep up this beacon of light that has illuminated for many years the footsteps of those who seek Jesus, leaving the stormy paths of sin.

Your brethren from the “Belenzinho” Church

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