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Sabbath Bible Lessons

Living the Christian Life - Treasures of Truth, Part 4

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First Sabbath Offering for the headquarters of the Southwestern Field, Medellín, Colombia

Colombia is one of the most populous countries in South America, with over 50 million people in an area of 440,831 square miles (approximately 1.14 million square kilometers.) Petroleum, textiles, electronics, and agricultural products are some of the main industries.

Ninety percent (90%) of the people profess Christianity, mostly Roman Catholicism—yet there is no longer any official state religion, and tolerance for others’ faith is encouraged. The SDARM arrived here first in the city of Medellín and was established and registered in 1971. Since then, the Reform message has spread throughout the country and by 2006, the Colombian Union and three mission fields were formed. Today, the Southwestern Field has hundreds of members and more than 500 interested people studying the Word of God. It oversees a wide area of labor since it includes 11 departments of the national territory, covering 42% of the Colombian population. That is why we urgently need to have administrative headquarters to serve the work more efficiently. We thank God it has been possible to extend to new territories not previously evangelized, but we still have many more souls to reach.

In 2006, a property was acquired where the church of Medellín now meets and where the brothers have generously been granted space to install the administrative headquarters of this Field. The planning and managing aspect of the construction project is making progress. By faith we are appealing to all our dear brethren around the world to support us generously when the First Sabbath Offering is gathered, to have the necessary resources for the advancement of God’s work in this place.

“The poor are God’s heritage. Christ has given His life for them. He calls upon those whom He has appointed to act as His stewards, to give liberally of the means entrusted to them to relieve the poor and to support His work in the earth. The Lord is rich in resources. He has appointed men to act as His treasurers in this world. That which He has given them they are to use in His service.”—Welfare Ministry, p. 272.

May God bless and multiply all the generous hearts that contribute to the development of His cause and may your donations be returned a hundredfold!

Your brethren in Christ of the Southwestern Field in Colombia

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