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Sabbath Bible Lessons

The Gospel According to Paul: Galatians

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First Sabbath Offering for literature for needy fields

We live in an age of information, yet also misinformation. There is so much rampant false information, it is often difficult and time-consuming to try to sift through the false in order to try to find the true. This is typically recognized in the realm of news, but how much more important is it in the realm of religion, where eternity is at stake and likewise “ ‘a lie will go around the world while truth is putting on his boots.’ ”—Testimonies for the Church, vol. 1, p. 463.

Even with all the valuable digital resources available with today’s technology, research shows an interesting pattern: People still consider information to be more reliable—more credible—when it is in print. This may be due to the fact that printed material is generally well-thought-out and has a certain permanence to it rather than being quite as susceptible to sensationalism as in quicker forms of media. But whatever the reason, people do tend to trust printed pages the most.

This is why tracts, pamphlets, magazines, and booklets containing present truth are vital tools in the proclamation of the everlasting gospel. The production of such materials incurs an expense that, sadly, many cannot afford to pay, either in their own behalf or to share with others. Therefore, entrusted as believers are with the task of bearing the truth to precious souls in darkness around the world, we all have a sacred duty and privilege to help them receive it.

The First Sabbath Offering today is for literature for needy countries. Your generous—even sacrificial—offering can go a long way to help others learn of and prepare for the return of Christ.

“All can aid the cause by giving unselfishly of their means to help the various branches of the work, to furnish means for the publication of tracts and periodicals to scatter among the people, and disseminate the truth. Those who give money to promote the cause, are bearing a part of the burden of the work; they are colaborers with Christ, for God has furnished men with means, in trust, that they may use it for wise and holy purposes. This is among the instrumentalities which Heaven has ordained for doing good, one of the talents which men are to put out to the exchangers.”—The Review and Herald, January 9, 1883.

Thank you for colaboring with Christ!

The General Conference Publishing Department

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