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The Christian’s Relationships

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  SABBATH, MAY 6, 2017

First Sabbath Offering for World Missions

We live in the last moments of the history of planet Earth, and our Lord has anxiously been waiting for a long time to take us home. The prophetic events that unfold right before our eyes tell us that the second coming of Jesus is near, even at the door. Unfortunately, the gospel message has not reached the end of the world and not every person has had the opportunity to hear the truth for this time. “Men will soon be forced to great decisions, and they must have opportunity to hear and to understand Bible truth, in order that they may take their stand intelligently on the right side.”—Evangelism, p. 25.

As members of God’s church, it is our privilege to represent His character and to take part in spreading the gospel to the end of the world by committing our time, strength, and financial resources to this special work.

Thanks to the prayers and financial contributions from our members and friends, new missions are being instituted in many regions. These new missions still need our support until they are well established and become self-supporting. We also need to carry forward the opening of new missions. Every year we collect a special offering to supply the necessary means to spread the message in many parts of the globe.

“At this time there should be representatives of present truth in every city, and in the remote parts of the earth. The whole earth is to be illuminated with the glory of God’s truth. The light is to shine to all lands and all peoples. And it is from those who have received the light that it is to shine forth.”—Ibid., p. 407.

“Missionaries are needed in fields that have yet been scarcely entered. New fields are constantly opening. The truth must be translated into different languages, that all nations may enjoy its pure, life-giving influences.”—Ibid., p. 409.

This Sabbath we earnestly appeal to you to unite your efforts with those of the missionaries and their families by giving liberally to the support of our world missions. In this way we can together help lighten the earth with God’s glory and hasten Jesus’ return.

Your brethren from the Missionary Department

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