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Sabbath Bible Lessons

The Christian’s Relationships

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  SABBATH, APRIL 1, 2017

First Sabbath Offering for the Moscow Church expansion

Moscow is the capital of Russia, the largest country in the world and the ninth most populous. Surveys show that around 70% of the population is Christian, with the Orthodox Church being the largest denomination. The megacity of Moscow itself has a population of more than 20 million people. The city is the largest transit junction of Russia and her neighboring countries. Every day the ways of millions of people from different countries and continents cross here.

The work of reformation began here during the communist era when the ministers were temporarily residing in this city. Having no premises for the meetings, the believers had to gather in private apartments.

“A great work is committed to those who present the truth in . . . Russia, the home of millions . . . whose souls are as precious in the sight of God as our own, who know nothing of the special truths for this time.”—Evangelism, p. 408.

In 2001, a minister with his family was sent to work in this region. In 2002 the believers purchased a piece of land in Moscow on which was situated an unfinished building. That same year they completed the construction of the building and dedicated it as a house of worship. As the work developed, the property became the headquarters of the Russian Field. From this city the work is carried in the Middle Asian countries, Belarus, and Latvia.

The work is developing in this region and as many visitors, unbelievers, and representatives of other denominations are visiting our meetings, the church cannot seat all those who attend. For this reason it was decided to expand the church.

At present we are building a larger church on the same piece of land. But our means are insufficient to fulfill the project. We need your prayers and your financial support. Many people will be able to come to this church thanks to your participation! Together with you we want to see the fulfillment of God’s promises to regard and bless every gift and hear every prayer! We are grateful to you for your help and support!

Your brothers and sisters in Moscow

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