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Sabbath Bible Lessons

The Life of Abraham

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  SABBATH, MARCH 4, 2017

First Sabbath Offering for a chapel in Bengaluru India

Bengaluru (formerly known as Bangalore) is the capital city of the Karnataka State in India. It is the fifth largest metropolis, having a population of over eleven million (2016). Bengaluru is considered the “Silicon Valley of India” due to its role as the nation’s leading information technology exporter.

The work of our church was established here, when in early 2009, a brother, along with a group of souls interested in our message, expressed a desire to join our Movement. After having been guided through the present truth, they were accepted into Christ’s fold.

For the next several years, the group worshipped in a small rented place. In 2014, due to the church outgrowing the first rented place, they moved to another rented place that had ample room for all. However, the meeting room, being on the second floor of the building, was only accessible by stairs. The need to go up and down the stairs for each meeting made it difficult for the aged believers. The brethren also desired to have a permanent place of worship. Plans were then made to procure a parcel of land. Finding a plot of land to purchase proved quite difficult, as land is very expensive in a city like Bengaluru. People throng the city to find employment and do business, causing alarming escalations in the real estate market. However, by the help of the Lord, the brethren managed to find and purchase a suitable piece of land.

Now the brethren are looking forward to building a monument for the Lord in this “Silicon City,” a place from which the gospel may be proclaimed in power to the lost. We are praying that God will open the windows of heaven and pour out showers of blessings on this project.

In the meantime, we would like to appeal to you, our worldwide brotherhood, to help us accomplish this project. It is our prayer that God will open your hearts to give willingly this First Sabbath. Please know that any support you can give us will be a means of great joy to the believers in Bengaluru. We also request that you would please pray for this project so that it may be materialized.

May God richly bless you in your generous support of the project this Sabbath.

Your brethren and sisters from Bengaluru

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