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The Life of Abraham

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First Sabbath Offering for Headquarters and Chapel in Malawi

The Republic of Malawi is a landlocked country in southeast Africa. Formerly known as Nyasa-land, it is bordered by Zambia to the northwest, Tanzania to the northeast, and Mozambique to the southwest, and southeast. The country is also nicknamed “The Warm Heart of Africa.” Malawi has an estimated population of over 16 million, the majority of whom identify as Christians (82%), including Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Anglicans, Baptists, and Seventh-day Adventists. A significant minority identify as Muslims (13%).

The work in Malawi started in 2008 when one missionary decided to visit this country. A couple from a Protestant church received him and helped him find accommodation. The missionary gave them Bible studies and shared also some portions from the Spirit of Prophecy. The couple became very interested in the message of Present Truth and provided a place for worship, inviting others also to attend every Sabbath.

When the missionary left Malawi, he made an appeal to our fellow believers in Zambia to see if someone would be available to go to Malawi to assist with this interest. By the grace of God one brother responded to the call, saying, “I am ready to go anywhere that God wants to send me.” Upon his arrival in Malawi in 2009, this brother encouraged those interested and went from one place to another preaching the message. Today there are many places where souls are interested in our message. There are about 60 baptized members and more than 900 Sabbath School members, many of whom are studying our Principles in preparation for baptism.

By God’s grace, this country was organized as a Mission in 2013. We still are very grateful because some of our brothers and sisters in Brazil donated money to buy land in Lilongwe, the capital city. Here the believers in Malawi plan to build the headquarters and a chapel. However, the country is very poor. Our members do not have money to fulfill this project. That is why we are now appealing to all our brothers, sisters, and friends around the world.

— GC Sabbath School Department, on behalf of the Malawi Mission

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