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Sabbath Bible Lessons

True Reformation—Then and Now

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  SABBATH, MARCH 5, 2016

First Sabbath Offering for a school in Colombia

“It is of the greatest importance that church schools shall be established, to which the children may be sent and still be under the watch care of their mothers and have opportunity to practice the lessons of helpfulness that it is God’s design they shall learn in the home. . . . Much more can be done to save and educate the children. . . . This is a matter worthy of our best efforts.”—Child Guidance, p. 306.

The commission that Jesus Christ left to humanity at its heart involves a work of education. This work must be successfully carried by every soul who has accepted Christ as personal Saviour. Here in Colombia, we know from experience that one of the best ways to sow the gospel seed is through the education of children and young people in our own institutions that teach God’s-Word-based gospel principles.

Eleven years ago, we began a school that would preserve and teach our children those principles that are part of our faith. God greatly blessed the work, and others outside our church showed interest in sending their children to our institution. In response to this interest, we extended the call to all children who desired to be a part of our educational project, to enroll in our classes. As a result, many of these former students have sealed their covenant with the Lord through baptism.

At the present time, it is not easy supporting our institutions. Although we are approved by the Ministry of Education, we do not have the appropriate infrastructure for the harmonious development of the project. We now need to build our own facilities. We believe that educating to redeem is an investment worth making, since leaving our children and youth exposed to public schools where they receive an improper teaching, harms their spiritual and moral development.

For this reason we appeal to your generosity and ask that you give freely of your resources to this very important work of education. It is our prayer that God’s blessings be poured over every generous soul willing to help us reach this goal: “Educating to Redeem.”

Your brothers and sisters from Colombia

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