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Sabbath Bible Lessons

True Reformation—Then and Now

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First Sabbath Offering for a church in Ghana

Ghana is a country situated in West Africa, bordering with Burkina Faso in the north, Togo in the east, and Ivory Coast in the west. With a population of nearly 27 million, the main religions there are Islam (18%) and Christian (70%), the latter divided between Pentecostal, Protestant, and Roman Catholic, plus various other Christian denominations. The message of Reformation came to Ghana in the 1990’s. The work began in the capital of Accra, and from there it extended to other places within the country. The religious liberty that the country offers facilitates greatly in the advancement of our message. We thank God that our church organization is officially registered and recognized by the government.

However, despite the progress of the work and the freedom to preach the gospel message, our members here do not have a house of worship we can call our own. In Accra our brothers and sisters hold their Sabbath meetings under a tree that is providentially situated on a rented piece of land. Unfortunately, when it rains, they are deprived of a dry worship place which often discourages the interested persons in our message. Even though devoid of means to adequately sustain the work, our brothers and sisters are encouraged to hold evangelistic campaigns, distribute leaflets, and organize group Bible studies. We currently have over 50 people attending baptismal classes, and by the time you read this, we hope that these souls will make their covenant with the Lord and become members of the church by baptism.

“Our General, who never makes a mistake, says to us, Advance. Enter new territory. Lift up the standard, establish memorials in every place. Let it be known that God has a people on the earth who have not forgotten that He has a law, binding upon all human beings. In all the churches there are those who know not that the seventh day, and not the first day, is the Sabbath. These are to hear the message of present truth.”—The Review and Herald, August 5, 1902.

We appeal to all our brothers and sisters around the world to support this building project with your prayers and finances, to establish a church in Accra that will stand as a memorial to the inhabitants of Accra, and that our meetings for worship there may be held regularly without interruption even during the rainy season.

The Regional Secretary for Africa

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