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No Ordinary Man

Children's Corner
Thankful for Time

Why does Billy always get new toys?” little Danny mused as he sat on an old log and chiseled off a piece of wood for his birdhouse.

Billy the neighbor had just gotten a drone. “And it's not just a drone, but the newest and best model,” he thought enviously.

Soon the rumble of Dad's old pick-up truck was heard.

“I wonder what Johnny's dad's car sounds like when he drives up…” thought Danny as he washed the sawdust off his hands. “I heard that he just got a brand new BMW last week. I bet it sounds a lot better than our old clunker.”

“Good evening!” called that ever-friendly voice of Dad. That was the signal to come say hello and receive a big warm hug before heading to the dinner table.

After dinner, Dad asked, “Do you have all the pieces for our birdhouse? All you were missing was just that one little end piece, right?”

“Yes,” replied Danny sadly. “But I don't feel like working on it tonight.”

“Remember, we decided to glue it tonight and take it to the Craft Fair tomorrow to raise money for missions,” reminded Dad.

Meanwhile, Danny thought to himself, “If we don't get it ready in time, then maybe I can keep it and sell it myself and maybe start saving for that kite I want to buy.” But he knew better than to say anything; surely Dad would not be pleased with such thinking.

As they started on their project, Dad asked, “How was your day?”

Billy blurted out, “Bad…”

“I'm sorry to hear that,” said Dad. “The birdhouse looks great. What's the matter?”

“Well, you see…. Billy got a new drone today and got to play with it all day. I saw when the mailman brought it in a nice, big box,” answered Danny.

“I'm sorry you feel hurt by that. Do you think that is the right attitude to have about it, though?” asked Father.

“But I never get things like that…” moaned Danny.

“Well, if you cheer up, perhaps we could ask Billy to give us a tour. Let's try.”

As they finished the birdhouse and walked over to Billy's house, Danny said a prayer in his mind: “Dear Jesus, forgive me for being jealous and discontent. Help me to do better and be happy for others.”

When they arrived, Danny got the courage to ask, “Billy, I saw you got a drone. I've never seen one close-up. Would you give me a tour sometime?”

Billy smiled and said, “Sure, I'd be glad to. I'm still learning about it… But I'd love to. You see, my dad is always away on business and it seems that my mom is always at work. So it gets lonely here. Would you like to come over and we can take turns flying it?”

The next day, Danny and Dad took the birdhouse to the Craft Fair. An older lady bought it and said, “You know, I used to have a grandson, but he moved far, far away. I'm getting rid of some of his toys. Would you like a kite? It was a really good one that flies high.”

That night, as Danny went to bed, he thought, “Poor Billy. He has lots of stuff. But it doesn't make him happy. I'm so thankful my dad is able to make things with me and have fun times together. And I even got a kite today!”

Just before falling asleep, he remembered the Bible verse, “Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content” (Philippians 4:11).