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News Updates

February 19, 2014
Your generous donations have helped the work in Uganda to step forward!


Dear brethren around the world,


Christian greetings with “God loveth a cheerful giver” (2 Corinthians 9:7). We pray that this message finds you and your beloved ones under God's tender care. By the grace of our Lord, we officially inaugurated our headquarters office in October 2013.



Once we opened the new facility, we began visiting the surrounding neighbors, introducing ourselves and teaching them natural remedies. 


Uganda Mission
February 18, 2014
Our brethren in Uganda recently enjoyed a special time of fellowship.


The Uganda Mission held a camp meeting on December 8-15, 2013, in Bukhotzo.
Brethren and visitors coming from various places were blessed with the spiritual food sent by the Lord through His messengers.


Communion service was held for the church members and a baby was dedicated to the Lord at the camp meeting.


Baby dedication


February 18, 2014
The Lord's work is progressing in this east African nation.


With the providences of God and the assistance of the General Conference, the East Nigeria Mission brethren have built a church in Aba, Abia State, Nigeria. The local brethren with their limited resources contributed the most to finish the building.


Construction progress


February 18, 2014
The everlasting gospel of Jesus Christ is spread by communicating with others.


In Jamaica, a country of the Caribbean Islands, a young couple made contact with our website, studied our beliefs, and now both have been preparing for baptism.


This is just one of several similar experiences. We have heard about individuals and families who have become faithful church members after finding the three angels’ messages on the SDARM-GC website. Maybe you know other experiences like the one we just mentioned.


February 18, 2014
Spiritual and practical messages recently brought a great blessing to new souls.



During the month of December 2013, the brethren of the South Kenya Mission held a two-week series of evangelistic meetings with the theme “Christ Our Righteousness.” Lectures about education, family, and health were also held during this outreach program.

As a result of this event, 21 souls accepted Jesus as their personal Saviour, and a new church was planted.

Now plans are being made to build the chapel facilities to accommodate the new congregation.