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News Updates

May 13, 2014


     Currently we have 37 organized churches in Uganda—only 3 of which have a church building. The existing church buildings were built with lots of effort by the local brethren, help from the General Conference, and from brethren around the world. Praised be to the Lord for touching hearts and providing for our church family in Uganda!

     More churches are slowly being built according to the financial possibilities. The local brethren and sympathizers work making the bricks which can be seen in one of the pictures below.

Australasian Good Tidings
May 2, 2014
A delightful time of fellowship in southeastern Australia


On April 17-21, 2014, the Victoria/Tasmania Conference Camp was held at Camp Waratah Bay, a beautiful location on the coast of Victoria.

May 1, 2014
United States
Youthful literature evangelists

On April 20, 2014, a short colporteur training seminar was offered for the Las Vegas church in Nevada, USA. 


Mexican Union
April 25, 2014
Mexico’s missionaries being prepared

By the grace of God, we have come to the completion of the 2013-2014 academic period of the “John Nevins Andrews Missionary School” in the Mexican Union.

With this graduation, we now have 15 new evangelists to proclaim the present truth in Mexico!

Unto the Lord, Our God, to the General Conference, to all the teachers, and the Mexican Union, thank you very much for this goal achieved.

May God bless all the efforts made in order to see these results today.

Blessed be the name of God who gives us the victory in all our endeavors for Him.


GC Secretariat
March 28, 2014

Brother Neville Brittain Passed Away  


Pastor Neville S. Brittain went peacefully to rest in the Lord at the age of 85 in Sydney Australia at 4:00 a.m. EST on Friday, March 28, 2014.


A native of Australia, Bro. Brittain came to the SDA Reform Movement in his youth and from that time he served extensively in medical missionary work as a licensed naturopath. He was quite knowledgeable in many subjects, yet he had a certain grace and humility characteristic of true Christian faith.