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Italy Missionary School

May 20, 2014

     The Missionary School in Italy has 17 students being prepared to share the gospel more efficiently.

     The school curriculum includes:

  •      Evangelism
  •      Theology of the Old and New Testaments—Hermeneutics and Exegesis
  •      Introduction to the Bible
  •      The History of Adventism
  •      The History of the SDA Reform Movement
  •      Apologetics
  •      Speech
  •      Doctrine
  •      Missionary Principles of Health
  •      Two hours per school day of Practical Evangelism


     With this important training, our graduates will be better equipped to share the present truth with souls for whom the Lord gave His life. “The work of winning souls to Christ demands careful preparation. Man cannot enter the Lord's service without the needed training, and expect the highest success. . . . The architect will tell you how long it took him to understand how to plan a tasteful, commodious building. And so it is in all the callings that men follow. Should the servants of Christ show less diligence in preparing for work infinitely more important? Should they be ignorant of the ways and means to be employed in winning souls? It requires a knowledge of human nature, close study, careful thought, and earnest prayer, to know how to approach men and women on the great subjects that concern their eternal welfare.”—Evangelism, p. 128.

     May the Lord bless these students to utilize their talents to glorify Him before the world!