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NCC Conferences - California, USA

Nicole Fountain
August 24, 2023
United States
A look back at the Northern California Conference's spring conference and invitation to their annual fall conference coming up.

Moriah Heights, California—The Northern California Conference hosted its Spring Spiritual Conference from April 7-9. The theme was "Revelation of Hope". The various speakers expounded on the topic, and the activities offered opportunities for spiritual growth and fellowship.


On Friday evening, a study session was held on "The Revelation of Jesus Christ", led by Brother Julian Utupanu. The session was accompanied by musical praise from Renovassom and the Carmichael Men's Choir, adding to the spiritual atmosphere of the event.


On Sabbath, the Divine Service began with a short session of singing. At the start of the service, multilingual hymns were sung, which had been practiced by nearby churches in the months leading up to the conference. The NCC Music Committee led the congregation in singing “Blessed Assurance” in the four official languages of the NCC. Brother Peter Lausevic spoke on “The True and Faithful Witness,” stressing the importance of following Christ's example. 


After enjoying a delightful lunch with our brethren from near and far, it was time for the Praise Program, which was organized by the Youth and Music departments. Following a delicious and satisfying dinner, Brother Darvin Lopez thoughtfully concluded the Sabbath by summarizing the valuable and impactful key takeaways from the day. As the evening progressed, the NCC youth department arranged a bonfire event, which successfully brought together individuals of all ages for exciting games and joyful fellowship.


The third day of the conference commenced with the conclusion of the Revelation of Hope topics. Brother David Zic led us in a message that focused on the "The Lamb and The Lion of Revelation." The atmosphere was filled with a sense of yearning for a closer relationship with God and the need for communion with Him among those who attended. This was evident in the last altar call of the conference, inviting forward all those who wished to strengthen their connection with the Lord. Almost every member of the congregation went to the front of the auditorium to participate in this special prayer, making it a powerful moment. Following the hymn, "Take Me As I Am," Brother Zic led a prayer for all those present.


Overall, the conference was a wonderful reminder of the hope and love that we have in Christ, and a beautiful time of fellowship with our fellow brethren.

Pictures from the conference can be viewed either here or here!


You are invited to attend our upcoming conference, taking place from September 22-24, in Moriah Heights, California! We invite you to participate with us as we explore the Christian Experience, centered around the theme "All of Thee.”


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