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Graduation - Plymouth Leadership College

Plymouth Herald
June 20, 2023
United States
The PLC graduation service was held on May 27, at the end of the Western North America Union's annual conference.

Plymouth, USA—The PLC 2023 Accelerated Evangelism Program concluded in May of 2023. The graduation service was held on May 27 in the campus auditorium.


This year's commencement address was given by Brother John Baer (GC Medical Director) and impressed the graduates with the great responsibility to use the knowledge they gained to share the Gospel at every opportunity the Lord opens to them. He concluded the address by inviting all the graduates to prepare themselves for the great class reunion in the presence of the Lamb before the Sea of Glass.


The PLC administration is grateful to everyone who supported the school during this program. Applications are open for the 2024 program, which commences January 21, 2024. Apply here.