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Conferences and Baptisms - Italy

Emilson Motta
August 31, 2022
Two special weekends of meetings culminated with baptisms in Italy this summer.

Torino, Italy—Italy has been the stage for important moments of Christian history. What a privilege it is, then, to see the Reform Movement develop in such a backdrop. Italy is the home of Catholicism, a place where less than 1% of the population is Protestant, yet the Gospel continues to spread through God's grace.


On the weekend of July 2, the brethren gathered in Pra del Torno for a special occasion. The meetings were held in the Waldense church in Angrogna, and on Sunday, July 3, there was a baptism performed by Brother Tinta. After the baptism, the brethren had the opportunity to visit Chiesa della Tana, the cave church where the Waldenses hid and worshiped.


July 30 was a special Sabbath in the Capolona Church. Three souls were baptized by Brother Tinta and Brother Emilson Motta.


We praise the Lord for His continued grace towards the work in Italy. Two more souls are in baptismal classes, and we look forward to sharing the news of their baptism in September. Let us keep them in our prayers.